100YSS Classes

100YSS  Classes

Attend one of these 100YSS Educational classes at the Symposium!

Engineering: Propulsion - Proven, Probable, or Preposterous?
Engineering: The Shipwright's Workshop
Education: International and Interstellar Best Practices
Life Sciences: Leaving the Nest
Culture: The Science Fiction Dream Factory
Space Sciences: The Very, Very Big Picture
Space Sciences: Getting to Know Your Neighborhood
Social Sciences: Can We All Just Get Along

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Yes, we mean that Steampunk. Dr. Mike Perschon, the foremost scholar on the Steampunk aesthetic guides us through the opportunities that steampunk presents on the interstellar journey. Space is a very unforgiving environment and a deep space journey, which may take decades is one in which it may be impossible to carry every critical spare or replacement part needed, and that is where steampunk comes in.

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Featured Presenters

Featured Presenters

Dr. Mason Peck, former Chief Technologist at NASA, and current Director of Cornell University's Space System's Design studio, will be joining the symposium during the State of the Universe Panel. Along with Dr. Jill Tarter, they will be discussing the latest finds in astronomy and space technology.

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